Wednesday, October 28, 2009

List of Newaygo County Cemeteries

I poked around in the computer Sandy and I share and found a list of all the Newaygo County Cemeteries as well as the addresses. Sorry for the wonky columns, I can't find out how to post this as a spreadsheet in Blogger.

Cemeteries ----------Township----------Section-----Location
Amish -----------------Wilcox ------------------26--------Poplar & 2 Mile Rd
Ashland----------------Ashland ----------------22--------120th St & Ferris Ave
Big Prairie-------------Everett-----------------13-------See Community Cemetery
Bridgeton--------------Bridgeton---------------13--------Warner Ave & 118th St
Bull--------------------Denver-----------------34--------Baseline Rd & Green Ave.
Christian Plains--------Croton-------------26--------80th Street & Cottonwood Ave
Clark------------------Dayton----------------31--------Maple Island Rd & 48th St
Community-----------Everett----------------13--------20th St & Pine Ave
Crandall---------------Ensley----------------35--------22 Mile Rd & Pine Ave
Croton----------------Croton-----------------7---------Croton Dr & Pine Ave
Culp------------------Croton-----------------10--------56th Street & Chestnut Ave
Curtice---------------Home------------------9----------Walnut Ave & 17 Mile Rd
Danish----------------Ashland---------------24---------128 St & Mason Dr
Davenport-----------Barton----------------13-14-------15 Mile & Beech Ave
Dayton Center--------Dayton--------------17-----------See Jewell Cemetery
Ensley-North--------Ensley----------------2-----------104th St & Cottonwood Ave
Evans----------------Dayton--------------29------------40th St & Fitzgerald Ave
Everett--------------Everett--------------13------------See Community Cemetery
Fremont------------Sheridan---------------2------------See Maple Grove Cemetery
Goodwell------------Goodwell-------------16-----------3 Mile Rd & Cypress Ave
Gowell & Huber-----Denver----------------9-------------4 Mile & Comstock
Hesperia-East------Denver----------------30----------1 Mile & Dickinson Ave
Hiller---------------Merrill----------------12-----------Centerline Rd & Hayes
Indians-----------Sheridan-----------2---------Adjacent to East end of Maple Grove
Jewell---------------Dayton-------------17----------20th St & Dickinson Ave
Lilley-----------------Lilley--------------15-----------Bingham Ave & 15 Mile Rd
Lincoln-----------Lincoln----------16-------3 Mile Rd, 1/2 mile West of Wisner Ave
Maple Grove--------Sheridan-----------2-------East end of Division, in Fremont
Merrill--------------Merrill------------12-------------Centerline Rd & Hayes Ave
Monroe Twp-----Merrill-------12-----See Merrill Cemetery (used to be Monroe)
Mount Calvary----Sheridan----------10--------64th St, 1/2 mile East of Green
Newaygo---------Brooks----------18------------1/2 mile East of M37, Croton Dr
Oak Grove--------Croton-----------29---------------Elm St & 80th St
Old County Farm---Sherman---31----48th st, btw Luce Ave & Croswell Ave
Parkvew----------Ashland----------24--------------120th St, East of M37
Pioneer------------Sheridan----------1------------West of Luce on 48th St
Prairie--------------Croton-----------2-----------56th St & Chestnut Ave
Prospect Hill-------Everett----------6-----------See White Cloud Cemetery
Reeman-----------Sheridan---------16----------Brucker Ave, South of 64th St
Sherman----------Sherman---------16----------Wisner Ave, North of 24th St
Shippy-------------Ashland-----------33-------136th St, West of Wisner
Sitka-------------Bridgeton----------5----------a private Cemetery
St. John's---------Ensley------------11------------104th St & Cottonwood Ave
St. Joseph's-------Everett------6------City of White Cloud, West end of Wilcox
St Mary's----------Croton------------6------------48th St & Locust Ave
St Michaels--------Sheridan--------7---------Maple Island Rd, South of 60th St
St Bartholomew's---Garfield--------13-----------72nd St & Centerline Rd
Stern's-------------Croton----------2-------------See Prairie Cemetery
Stern's Prairie------Croton----------2------------See Prairie Cemetery
Surrerar------------Croton------------35-----------Oak Ave & 88th St
Township-----------Merrill----------12------------See Merrill Cemetery
Troy---------------Troy-------------30---------13 Mile Rd & Dickinson Ave
Volney------------Beaver-----------7-----------Grant Rd & Dickinson Ave
Whipple----------Home-------------24----------Pine Ave & 14 Mile Rd
White Cloud-----Wilcox------6-------City of White Cloud, West end of Wilcox
Woodville-------Norwich---------30---------Pine Ave & Polk St

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Other Lady--Linda

I'm Linda, the co-worker and general lackey in the Local History Room of our library. I love to tramp around cemeteries and think nothing is more exciting than finding the grave of an ancestor for the first time.
This stone is my great-grandpa's and was taken by a fellow cemetery fan. He shared his pictures with our local history room and I was rather excited to find Calvin Jesse's stone among his pictures in a cemetery quite a few miles away.

Did you notice it says Cemetery Ladies not lady?

Say hello to Linda my friend and co worker who also has a love for genealogy and cemeteries. She can be difficult at times not listening to her boss but she is a valued friend.
I am leaving her the job to tell about herself but I wanted to ask her first.
Sooooo......Heeeres Linda!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you know what the word casket means?

The attempt to draw a link between death and beauty was found in the word for the use of the word "casket" for the coffin it meant jewel box. People began looking at a new type of cemetery in 1831 when the Massachusetts Horticultural Society purchased 72 acres of fields, ponds and gardens in Cambridge and built Mount Auburn Cemetery, a new kind of cemetery. The new garden cemetery was a place that the grieving friends and relatives could find peaceful solace in the beauty of nature.

walking cemeteries and wondering why?

People spend hours walking cemeteries but often we forget the events that have lead up to the actual burial. To appreciate our ancestors their lives and their deaths we need to understand what took place and why. Unlike today, most people died at home 100 years ago. Those who were ill typically did not go to the hospital but died at home cared for by family members and friends. Upon their death the family members prepared the body for burial. Wakes were held at home, after which the body was typically moved to a church for the funeral services, then taken directly to the cemetery for burial. In colder climates such as Newaygo County bodies were stored in tombs until the ground thawed. On many farms the dead were buried in the back yard or in a nearby field.

Hearse used in Cemetery Walk from Crandal Funeral Home

Fremont Maple Grove Cemetery Walk

Every year we hold a cemetery walk through the Maple Grove Cemetery here in the city of Fremont. It is a lot of work but it always is a success. We have a lumber camp cook, legend and lore of death and dying, the forgotten woman, secret societies, early doctors in Fremont, a one room school teacher and a civil war vet. among many other characters. One of the big hits every year is the old hearse from one of our area funeral homes who also provides a person talking about the role of the funeral home over the years and history of embalming. We are already planning our 2010 walk.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A new adventure

I have been noticing this organization named The Association of Graveyard Rabbits. With my addiction of cemeteries and anything connected to them I couldn't help myself but get involved it is a wonderful group with some great sites connected to them. I encourage people to check them out.
Through this adventure I hope to learn more while helping to help promote cemetery care and education.
Lets start this new adventure together and feel free to give me suggestions as we go I am learning too. I have two other blogs but this will be just dedicated to the cemeteries I tiptoe through along my way.