Friday, February 19, 2010

Cement Stones

That may seem like a contradiction--cement stones--but I have noticed many home-made stones around.
On last weeks posting on our sister blog, the Cemetery Divas I mentioned now odd it was there there were so many cement tombstones there.
First there was my paternal great-grandfathers. It is well made, with curved corners and strong enough to stand upright, but the letters appear to have been carved in with a nail or something similar. Another unusual feature of Grampa Jesse's stone is that it was painted silver. I really cannot give you any history of the stone. Since he had divorced his wife, my Great Grandma Carrie, my grandmother/his daughter wouldn't have much to do with him. He is buried in Curtice Cemetery and is in the northern part of the county and while far from my branch of the family, there were some other Crosses in the area.
The puzzling thing though was that there were other stones of similar shape and size as GGrampa Jesse's. Another almost identical, also painted silver but with molded letters. In the picture below, the more ornate stone for "Thomas" also apears to be cement and painted silver.
There were several others, some pictured on the other blog from last week that also appear to be cement.

Is this a widely used means of making stones? Can anyone tell if they have seen a lot of them in the same area? Especially as well done as the Thomas stone. It has the embossed symbol below the name and is very well made. I wondered if it could be just because the area where this cemetery is located was near a community (now abandoned) that made cement, being near marl pits and sand.

Of course, there are other reasons for cement stones. This is a stone made by my father for his aunt. She was Uncle Bert's second wife, and the surviving son never did get around to putting a stone on her grave, just leaving the little aluminum marker. So Dad made her this one.
This was a much simpler stone, although Dad did find wooden letters and inlaid them into the cement. Although they have mostly rotted away, you can still pretty much make out the date as well as the years 1895 to 1981.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Revenge will be sweet Linda Dear!

Oh my where did my dear friend find this photo? You know what they say about paybacks!
My foot was a little more damaged than originally thought so I will be off from work at least another 6 weeks. I will start blogging again as soon as I am feeling a little more up to it. Having the medicine wear off may also make better blogging. Please excuse my typing the darn letters keep moving on my keyboard.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Posting Note

Just a note to followers:
Sandy, who manages this blog, is having surgery today. It is repairing work on her ankle and tendons that were broken a year ago. She will be off work for some time, as well as heavily medicated.So for a while at least posts will be few and far between from her. And if you see one from her that looks a little loopy. Well, for the time being, we can blame the medication.
Knowing that she will inflict great bodily harm on me if she sees this picture here, if you see or correspond with her, tell her you only noticed her baby Sheba.

Sadness of Cemeteries

I just finished my weekly posting on our sister blog The Cemetery Divas about Culp Cemetery in Newaygo County. It is almost an abandoned cemetery aside from the fact that it has been mowed and maintained that way.
But it looks so empty and barren. As you can see above the lone standing slab looks fairly fresh and strong. But around it are stones flat on their back, and open areas with no stones.
Judging from the conditions of many of the stones, it appears this cemetery was abused and mistreated in the past. The stones on the left appear to be from at 3 different graves. The lighter stones on the right, while somewhat readable, still were broken.
It is so sad when these final resting places are forgotten. Just as with the Indian mounds that are in the area, when those who buried the people are gone, to often others don't care and think it "doesn't matter" with they churn up these places.