Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pioneer Memorial cemetery

In Fremont we have a one acre parcel of land named Pioneer Memorial Cemetery. Many people in town do not even realize there are people buried there. We have been told that the bodies have been moved to Maple Grove Cemetery (in town also). What most residents do not realize is there are many people still buried there. It was used 1860-1879 and was the burying ground for many of our founding Fathers and Mothers. When the families were given the option to have their family member moved many did not leaving many behind. Many families had moved on and did not respond to the inquiry.
I am in the middle of archiving photos and letters from this time and I am shocked at how many were left there with their wooden markers that have decayed with time being lost to history. Thankfully Harry Spooner documented this part of our history with photos, articles and letters from the early families. As I archive these records I am finding more and more interesting tidbits. A forgotten piece of Fremont History coming to light. With the dedication of a monument in 1960 Harry Spooner helped restore interest in a overgrown, forgotten piece of history. I hope with a little help we can once again help make people aware of it.