Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sadness of Cemeteries

I just finished my weekly posting on our sister blog The Cemetery Divas about Culp Cemetery in Newaygo County. It is almost an abandoned cemetery aside from the fact that it has been mowed and maintained that way.
But it looks so empty and barren. As you can see above the lone standing slab looks fairly fresh and strong. But around it are stones flat on their back, and open areas with no stones.
Judging from the conditions of many of the stones, it appears this cemetery was abused and mistreated in the past. The stones on the left appear to be from at 3 different graves. The lighter stones on the right, while somewhat readable, still were broken.
It is so sad when these final resting places are forgotten. Just as with the Indian mounds that are in the area, when those who buried the people are gone, to often others don't care and think it "doesn't matter" with they churn up these places.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We should each care... a lot!

  2. Sad is exactly the word for it. When I see a cemetery like this it breaks my heart. Everyone deserves to be remembered.

  3. Living in Nevada, I see a lot of cemeteries like this at or near the ghost towns. It is sad, and when you ask who maintains theses places, a lot of times you are told "just the Veterans Organizations", or "I think the church does."

    Most people do not know where the records are kept, or when the cemetery was established.