Friday, April 16, 2010

Sandy is back!

Monday was my first day back to work so this has been a long week! But it is good to be back. I do enjoy my job and the people. I was feeling rather isolated at home.
My husband took me for many little drives to get me out of the house and we managed to drive through or past a few cemeteries. One thing I noticed was how many have Spring flowers that come up where some one had planted bulbs. I planted bulbs a few years ago on Grandma and Grandpas grave site. But never noticed the amount of them until now. I did it because I always worry that one day I won't be able to get there with Spring flowers and bulbs will come up on their own. Must be others have thought of this also. It is nice to know even if someday I can't get there the graves will have a bright sunny blanket of blooms to welcome Spring.

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