Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Forgotten Cemetery

One of my favorite area cemeteries is one that is closest to where I live. Just down the crossroad a couple of miles, it is invisible during the summer. But winter, when the grasses die and the leaves fall, its a different story.
When I was first married and new to the neighborhood, I often noticed this stand of sumac and wondered about the fact that it just stood there, taking up a small patch of a field. In winter when I drove by, I could see something in amidst the brush. It was just too far away to make out what it was.
I finally discovered, with the help of my hubby, was was born and raised in the area that it was indeed a small family cemetery. Just a few stones barely visible from the road.
There is no direct access, except cutting across the field. The family who owns the property discourages visitors.
Such a sad forgotten little cemetery.

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