Monday, December 21, 2009

What a sad day that this allowed to happen

Reading Dick Eastman's newsletter today there is a article about a judge who ruled in Chicago that the O"Hare Airport can expand to where Bensenville Cemetery is. The judge ruled Friday that they can acquire the 6.3 acre St. Johannes Cemetery that stands in the path of a new O"Hare International runway.There are over 900 known graves that will be transferred in a "orderly transfer". The cemetery dates from the 19th. century.
There seems to be more and more stories in the news about cemeteries being moved, paved, not properly cared for. The worse was grave sites being emptied to make room for new occupants while the previous tenants were just dumped. It is so sad to hear this news it seems to be sacrilegious to me. When I bury a loved one I don't plan on them being dug up moved around so we can expand a building, runway or make room for a housing development. OK I know I get on my soapbox on this subject but it just seems wrong.


  1. What is about to happen in the Chicago area has been happening to the American Indian for over 200 years. Now suddenly, its terrible that bodies will be moved, or graves cemented over?

    I am sure some of my ancestors will down on this and smile.

  2. I agree with you 100% the American Indian have been treated terribly in this country and that is another soap box that I get on. In a soon to come posting I want to talk about some of our burial mounds that we have around Newaygo County that have been rapidly disappearing.
    I agree I am sure there are many Native Americans among many others saying that we did it to ourselves. But it still bothers me regardless of their nationality once you are buried you should be able to stay there in peace.