Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cremation Plots!

I find it very frustrating, when typing obituaries into the data base we have here at our local library, that so many people are no getting cremated and there is no place internment place noted. What is to become of cemeteries?
I know sometimes the remains are buried and have a stone, but some many obituaries list no place to go to remember them. (And let us not even get into the little shrines springing up along roads, at the sites of fatal accidents. My personal pet peeve.)
However it appears that Riverside Cemetery in Hotchkiss CO is offering an alternative. They are making available smaller plots just for a memorial stone, whether the remains are buried beneath or not. What a novel idea, as well as a way of preserving the cemetery as a place of rememberance, as well as final resting place.

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