Monday, November 16, 2009

Hungerford Cemetery

I don't understand why we have such scary views of cemeteries after dark. It must be due to television and movies but I never have felt that fear. I am fascinated by them regardless of the time of day.
Last night driving home from Big Rapids we drove by Hungerford Cemetery Northeast corner of Newaygo County. It is a pretty little cemetery on a gently sloping hill in a wooded area. Very peaceful and serene. I wanted to stop and look around and my Mother and Husband thought I had lost my mind (not the first time). OK so it was dark and opening day for deer season but it looked to pretty and peaceful. I just really wanted to stop. I have gone by it before and always thought how pretty but never felt the urge to stop so strongly. It must of been the time of day. I plan another trip to revisit.

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