Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eco Friendly Coffins

Anyone who knows me, realizes that besides genealogy, my second passion is knitting. And I have become a yarn snob, preferring pure wool. And now I find you CAN take it with you when you go.
A company in England, Hainsworth Coffins, has come up with the ultimate in natural coffins: the woolen coffin! And for those who think they are allergic, they even have cotton coffins. When I saw the article in a knitting magazine last night, I could not believe it. But if you follow the link, you will see they are quite attractive, and biodegradable. Apparently the wool coffins are made with a cardboard framework. What a warm and fuzzy way to go.
I only see them offered in Great Britain--I wonder if they would be legal in the US?

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